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JGS at Stelling Road

Stelling Road is the pinnacle of Jacqueline’s Gems Childcare Services success. This setting is the longest running and most visited of all our settings.  This setting encaptures and boosts our ethos “Home from home care” which we pride ourselves upon.  Welcoming and homely is how you will feel when visiting us. You will feel the happiness and joyful mood of all our children.

Your children will feel comfortable and safe, which will enable them to learn and develop to their full potential.  Our staff will support and encourage your child to achieve all that they can through the play that they do.  Our staff will provide your child with the opportunity for growth and development at every corner, enabling challenging rich environments to ensure your child’s needs are individually meet.

Nursery Education Entitlement: Description on JGS Stelling road

If your child is entitled to the 15 hours free Nursery Education Entitlement, you can be rest assured that there is no better place than Jacqueline's Gems to get them school ready. We have a yearly program that we have designed to educate and promote the best practice in your children so that when it’s time for them to leave us to join reception class they will be better prepared than most. Jacqueline's Gems is a real alternative to a nursery setting within a school. We offer more flexibility with our hours and have fewer children, so your child will be given even more one to one time.

2 Year Offer: Description on JGS Stelling Road

Some parents may be entitled to the 2 Year offer programme. This is a government funded scheme which allows children that have reached the age of two access 15 hours of free care every month. At Jacqueline’s Gems we pride this service which aims to enhance social and emotional development, build on communication and language skills and encourage imagination through play.   To see if you are eligible for the 2 year offer please contact us.

30 Hours Funding: Description n JGS Stelling Road

All 3 and 4 year olds are entitled to the basic offer of 15 hours childcare per week. Working parents could be entitled to the extended offer of additional 15 hours per week. To view the eigibility criteia for the 30 hours funding or find out more please visit

The funding starts the term after the childs 3rd birthday as long as you have the eligibility code. We do offer wrap around care, in partnership with the local schools. Your funded hours can only be used Term Time only.