Yes you have read it right! Jacqueline’s Gems Childcare Services has a shop. Bizarre you may think but allow us to change your mind.  The shop is based in a central location in Northumberland Heath and has lots going on. From our shop we supply the following:

- Consultancy
- Training and Assessing
- Staff agency
- Our own unique Uniform
- Babysitting service
- Photography

Allow us to tell you some more –


With our years and wealth of experience Jacqueline’s Gems Childcare Services are the best people to advise you on any Childcare Setting needs or problems, Human resource problems or just the occasional problems that may arise from being a parent. We can deal with all of this just pop in and ask away.

Training and Assessing:

We are proud at Jacqueline’s Gems to be able to offer training for a wide range of qualifications and courses. For example we provide Pediatric First Aid, Safe guarding, NVQ’s Level 2 and 3 in Childcare and also Business Management, Early years training and on and on. We also accept apprentices for school leavers and those under the age of 24. Contact us to find out if we can suit your qualification needs.

Staff agency:

Jacqueline’s Gems is a very popular company with very high standards. We pride ourselves on our staff quality. With our great connections with other childcare settings they are always looking and asking if we have staff available to point in their direction. Sign up with us and we will do our best to find the childcare setting that suits you and try our best to tailor to your needs as a childcare operative.


As parents we all want our children to have fun get messy and explore their surroundings, but isn’t it annoying when all your child’s best clothes are getting rowed by accidental paint drops or dirt from our planting days. Worry no more Jacqueline’s Gems now provides a lovely uniform for your little one to wear, comfortable and hard wearing your child will enjoy looking the same as his or her friends and without fear of messing up their own clothes. Plus a uniform means getting school ready which is always good to get a head start on.

Babysitting Service:

Ever needed that few hours on a weekend to get that shopping done or really don’t want to miss that evening out with a partner or friend? Well worry no more, Jacqueline’s Gems will provide you a qualified baby sitter for the time you need and the best bit your child will already no its sitter it won’t be a stranger or a family member that really doesn’t want to be there.  With competitive prices you will not be disappointed just contact us for more details.


YES photography at the shop we have a studio which is based on the first floor. Family photos, group photos even individual photos we do it all. We have our professional photographers there waiting to snap away. Why not pop in to see what we offer.